Learn to Unlock Book of Mormon Seals

Come to Zarahemla and begin to unlock the seals that God and man have placed on the ancient record called the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon tells the story of God's dealings with two real cultures which anciently inhabited the Americas. At Zarahemla will be found evidence for this claim as well as insights into these ancient cultures and the relevance of their message to today's world.

The articles included here present an ordered examination of the Book of Mormon. While the emphasis is not on the meaning of the message, much that is presented will make that meaning more accessible to the student. The emphasis is on understanding: understanding what this book is; what its writers were like; how it was translated; and the peculiarities of its language and culture. While each of these presentations stands alone, there is an order in their development – each including insights that will enhance the understanding and appreciation of that which follows.

While these articles are the copyrighted works of R. G. Grant, who takes full responsibility for their contents, much of that content has been drawn from the writings of FARMS and BYU researchers. This work is primarily an introduction to their work. Articles may be printed, downloaded, reproduced, and used, without alteration, addition, or deletion, for any noncommercial or non publishing purpose without permission.

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