What We Believe

What We Believe

by Robert L. Millet

Dr. Robert Millet is the Dean of BYU religious education. This is a devotional address given at BYU on February 3, 1998.

The Voice of the Lord

by Gerald N. Lund

Gerald N. Lund is a Church Educational System zone administrator. In this devotional address, which was given at BYU on December 2, 1997, brother Lund speaks of personal revelation. He asks three questions:

  • What Is the Voice of the Lord Like?
  • How Can I Distinguish Between True and Counterfeit Revelation?
  • What Can I Do to Enhance My Ability to Hear, Recognize, and Follow the Voice of the Lord?

Are You a Saved Mormon?

by Richard G. Grant

With the exception of some miner changes required by context, this paper is a copy of Chapter 13, "The 'Saved' Christian," from Understanding These Other Christians (copyright 1998 by Richard Grant). This is a book written to introduce the LDS community to the Evangelical culture. In this paper the LDS doctrine of salvation is examined and explained using the terminology common in Evangelical discussions of salvation. This provides a valuable perspective, shining a new light on a familiar subject.

In Defense of Our Faith

Study, Faith, and the
Book of Mormon

by John W Welch

John Welch is a BYU professor of law, the founder of FARMS, and the current editor of BYU Studies. This devotional address, given at BYU 10 May 1988, speaks of insights from recent Book of Mormon research and the value and place of evidence.

The Authorship of the
Book of Mormon

by Noel B. Reynolds

Noel B. Reynolds is a BYU professor of political science, the past President of FARMS, and is currently serving as BYU Associate Academic Vice President for Undergraduate Studies. This forum address, which was given at BYU on 27 May 1997, reviews recent research supporting ancient authorship of the Book of Mormon.

What Others are Saying

Mormons on the Rise

Christianity Today,
June 15, 1998

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Christianity Today 06151998 cover

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Christianity Today, or CT, as it's popularly called, is as close as you can get to being the "Ensign" of the evangelical community. This article from the June issue is an examination of the Mormon Phenomenon and the evangelical response to the "growing Mormon threat." Included is a discussion of the Southern Baptist Convention plan to "witness" to Mormons during their June 1998 convention in Salt Lake City.

The article specifically addresses some areas of theological difference with particular emphasis on the LDS view of modern scripture and living prophets. Following a brief account of LDS-evangelical cooperation and a discussion of common ground, the article closes: "But for evangelicals, a faithful follower of LDS doctrine is at eternal peril. 'Mormonism is either totally true or totally false. . . If it's true, every other religion in America is false.'"

Mormon Apologetic Scholarship
Evangelical Neglect

by Carl Mosser and Paul Owen

This is a talk by an evangelical given at an evangelical conference. The essence of the talk is captured in this quote: "In this battle the Mormons are fighting valiantly. And the evangelicals? It appears that we may be losing the battle and not knowing it." The talk contains the most accurate and balanced review I've seen of the status of LDS scholarly efforts to develop an intellectually defensible foundation for the acceptance of our unique theology and Scripture. Mosser and Owen also include the most forthright and unequivocal non-LDS critique that I've seen on evangelical publications about Mormonism. The flavor of this critique is caught in their request that evangelical publishers "cease publishing works that are uninformed, misleading or otherwise inadequate." This paper leaves this reader with the belief that in the judgement of Carl Mosser and Paul Owen there have been few evangelical responses that don't fall into one or all of these categories.

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