The principle objective of this site is the increase of both understanding and testimony of the Book of Mormon. Articles included here are principally based on materials published by The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS). Many of these articles are abridgements of comparable works by FARMS authors. The intent is a focused abridgement of the massive volume of materials currently available from FARMS and other Book of Mormon research sources.

The field of LDS scholarship on the Book of Mormon is large and diverse. As I understand it, one objective of FARMS is to provide visibility for much of this quality work. Some of these scholars, however, do not require this FARMS window to the LDS community – they have their own window. For example, BYU Studies, currently headed by FARMS founder, John Welch, has for 40 years been an important source of published Book of Mormon research. The yearly BYU Sperry Symposium and other BYU symposiums devoted to our expanded knowledge and understanding of the scriptures are further sources of significant insights into meaning and application of this scriptural record. Of course, the publications of the professors of the BYU Department of Religion are yet another important source. Insights gleaned from all of these sources will be merged together in the articles appearing on this site in an attempt to provide an organized presentation of the current status of Book of Mormon scholarship.

BYU-TV has provided an opportunity for many to get better acquainted with some of these authors and their works. This will have provided a useful introduction to the materials presented on this website.