Figure 8

Constructing the Ship

1)  Nephi is commanded to construct a ship (17:8).

2)  The Lord tells Nephi where to find ore for tools (17:9-10).

3)  The Lord blesses them miraculously in the wilderness, that they might know they are led by him (17:11-15).

4)  Laman and Lemuel murmur and complain, not believing that Nephi can build a ship (17:17-19).

5)  Laman and Lemuel repeat the elements of their standing complaint against Nephi and Lehi, denying both that they have been led or supported by God and that the Jews are wicked or can be destroyed (17:17-22).

6)  Nephi responds to the murmuring of Laman and Lemuel in unprecedented detail of his thesis, invoking the ancient history of Israel as the evidence that they would be most likely to accept (17:23-43).

5') Nephi summarizes the great errors and sins of Laman and Lemuel, comparing them to the wicked Jews, and testifies to the power and goodness of God (17:44-47).

4') Nephi, in the power of the Spirit, testifies that if God commanded he could not only build a ship but could even make water earth (17:48:-52).

3') Laman and Lemuel are shaken by the power of the Lord in Nephi, and they testify thereof (17:53-55).

2') The Lord shows Nephi how to build the ship (18:1-3).

1') The ship is finished, the workmanship "exceeding fine" (18:4).