Figure 7

Obtaining the Brass Plates

1)  Lehi summarizes the contents of the brass plates, mentioning his genealogy (3:3).

2)  Nephi testifies to his thesis — Lehi is glad (3:7-8).

3)  Laban attempts to slay Laman (3:9-14).

4)  Lehi's sons are sorrowful, but Nephi exhorts them (3:14-21).

5)  Nephi fails to obtain the brass plates by using gold and silver

6)  Laman and Lemuel murmur, and they beat Nephi and Sam (3:28).

7)  An angel intervenes, saying that the Lord will help them obtain the plates (3:29-30).

8)  Laman and Lemuel murmur again! (3:31).

7') Nephi elaborates the angel's message and refers to Moses and the Israelites (4:1-3).

6') Laman and Lemuel continue to murmur, but they follow Nephi reluctantly (4:4-5).

5') The Spirit leads Nephi to obtain the plates (4:6-38).

4') Sariah is sorrowful, and Lehi exhorts her (5:1-6).

3') Nephi spares Zoram's life (4:30-37).13

2') Sariah testifies to Nephi's thesis — Lehi is glad (5:7-9).

1') Lehi reviews the contents of the brass plates, with special reference to his genealogy (5:10-19).