Figure 6

Chiasmus in 1 Nephi 10-22
(Nephi's Account)

1)  Lehi expands on his great vision, detailing prophecies about the Jews and gentiles (10:1-16).

2)  Nephi explains that all men can know the mysteries of God by the power of the Holy Ghost (10:17-22).

3)  Nephi reports the great visions and prophecies given to him (11-14).

4)  Overcome by the hardness of his brethren, Nephi interprets the great vision to his family, rehearsing one of Isaiah's prophecies as support (15:2-16:5).

5)  Lehi takes his family further into the wilderness (16:9-17:6).

6)  Nephi builds a ship and records his most complete reply to the murmuring of his brothers (17:7-18:4).

5') Lehi takes his family across the ocean in the ship (18:5-25).

4') Concerned for those at Jerusalem, Nephi writes for his descendants and all the house of Israel and explains the ancient prophecies of a Redeemer (19:3-23).

3') Nephi quotes chapters of a prophecy from Isaiah which parallels portions of his own great vision (20-21).

2') Nephi explains to his brethren that prophecies are only to be understood by the same Spirit that also manifested these things to the prophets (22:1-3).

1') Nephi offers a final summary of the prophecies about the Jews and the gentiles, drawing primarily from the language of the great vision but also from the brass plates (22:3-28).